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When it comes to creating memorable architecture, I have been dreaming of it since I am 12 years old. I have always seen myself creating beautiful places for people to enjoy. I have always thought that the deepest purpose in life is to enjoy it by making more beautiful places as possible, that is why I decided to be inclined in architecture and I have finished the course because of that burning dream with me. I am John Palacio, a French and has a whole heart when it comes to architecture and welcome to my website. Upon entering this site, you will automatically see beautiful sceneries for my 20 years of experience in creating beautiful places.

On the website, you will also see albums on the places that I have created and how it became possible as well. This is why I am being very passionate in creating more beautiful places because of the decreasing number of great architects in the industry right now. This is a website that directs all its profits in the development of students who has a whole heart for architecture, but cannot sustain going to school because of several reasons.

You will see in our dream tab the faces of aspiring architects that are all eager to learn and swarthier talents in the world. We are already funding over 500 students all over the world who are all qualified for our program. This is a great opportunity for anyone who would want to make their dreams come true. You can also see in our dreams come true tab the graduates and the recent new architects that we have created over years of operating the website and its services. You can also even hire them online and let them create a blueprint for you for a very low price compared to the commercial architects that are in the market right now.

This has been our fighting dream for 5 years now, and for the more than 50 students who are now accomplished architects, they will eventually give back to the people who already have helped them in many ways. Thank you so much for visiting the website, we would always hope that you will find your way in helping others through this platform. We are also calling all successful architects, and if you are an architect to at least share your work here and share also your talents to the world for a good cause.